About Us

Handmade Horizons is developed and led by Polly Dugdale and Claire Hughes – digital marketing experts with over twenty years combined experience in online retail. We’re head-over-heels with the handmade movement in the UK, and totally committed to helping makers like you!

Polly Dugdale and Claire Hughes of Handmade Horizons

More About Claire

Claire is an online retail expert, marketing geek and mum. A third generation entrepreneur, she has worked in shops since she is old enough to remember, and likes to think she has retail in her blood!

Finishing university at the height of the dot com boom, Claire decided the world of e-commerce was too exciting to ignore. She spent many years helping big brands like AOL, AVON and the Post Office sell their products and services online, before turning her attention to helping start-ups and independent retailers. With a degree in journalism and thirst for words, Claire has also regularly works as a freelance writer, blogger and training content developer.

When she’s not helping creative ladies with their marketing at Handmade Horizons, Claire can usually be found working 1:1 with clients at TFI Monday!, the social enterprise she founded in 2013. Either that or running around after small children / being a domestic goddess and cleaning the house. She lives in North Wales with her partner, kids and dog.

To find out more about Claire, look her up on LinkedIn or follow @Clairiel on Twitter.

More About Polly

Polly is a freelance marketer and dedicated crafter who loves to help small businesses achieve big goals. Former clients include the likes of John Lewis, The Cotswold Company and BT – pretty impressive, we think you’ll agree!

Not only does Polly have several years’ experience helping retailers make more sales online, but she’s a fantastic coach too. So as well as getting down-and-dirty on your marketing strategy, she’ll be offering plenty of support and encouragement to keep you on your toes.

Aside from embroidering tea cosies and battling a baking addiction, Polly writes and performs music with her Dad. She splits her time between the London and Gloucestershire, but loves the rural life.

For more on Polly, check her out on LinkedIn, visit the Cukooky blog, or follow @Dolly_Puggles on Twitter.


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