We are really proud of the hard work our students and clients put into their creative businesses, and thrilled when they share their successes with us!  For example, have a GAWP at a selection of the press coverage some of our students and clients have received since working with us… We think you will agree it is impressive:

Ruby James Jewellery in Vogue magazine    Mother Eagle in CrossStitcher magazine    Ruby James Jewellery in Tatler    Ruby James Jewellery in GQ magazine

    Handmade Horizons in Mollie Makes magazine    Handmade Horizons in Craftseller magazine

And this is what some of our lovely customers and partners have to say about us…  Thanks ladies!  :)

A quote from Katie's blog:

I've been stumbling through the mist in what I imagine to be a scene reminiscent of Sleepy Hollow, for years. Now suddenly, I've found this pot of gold in place of the horseman's head. Two well-trained and knowledgeable PR professionals who make it their sole purpose to help you as a lone craftsperson get on your feet. They REALLY know their sh*t (excuse the profanity, but felt it was needed). Polly and Claire are brilliant. If it weren't for them I would have given up. I was seriously on the verge - thinking I had totally wasted my life, and now I had to start at the bottom of some corporate ladder at the age of 31.

They know the exact course of action for you, they give you tips and specific websites and companies to visit. Wow. I felt like I finally had a direction and purpose and was moving forward.

Katie Ramsden
Atomic Doris

Following the changes you suggested, sales on the site are up considerably.
I still need to implement a couple more things but I'm really pleased; just wanted to let you know!

Chiara Stone
Hoobynoo World

Thank you for all your help; I'm really happy with the service, it was money well spent and gave me the kick up the bum I needed to make some important improvements :)

Chiara Stone
Hoobynoo World

Wow it was really really great. I'm full of ideas and stuff to do - and it's nice to have a structure to my day. Exciting!

Katie Ramsden
Atomic Doris

I can’t thank you enough and found your comments and suggestions so useful. I can certainly now see a way forward.

Claire Vileisid
Polaire Design

For advice on starting and growing your creative business I'd go with The Design Trust and Handmade Horizons.

Emily Barnes
Lead Content Editor, Folksy

Just had a lovely review of my new collection on The Savvy Crafter, but almost more pleasing is that she said my press release was 'magical' and 'perfectly encapsulated my brand'...well, that's down to you Claire and Polly - thank you!

Katie Tume
Made by Mother Eagle

"I love the way the course was set out. The fact you could print off the worksheets and resource lists made it feel you got extra value for money, rather than other eCourses where the lessons are short and you need to permanently access the site for information. Everyone enjoyed the web chats too, which not only gave great info but made everyone feel it wasn't just a e course!!!"

Ali Camden-Smith
The Little Octopus Gallery

"I have found the course really helpful, I have learnt a lot more than I thought I would. Product descriptions is one area that I have enjoyed and learnt so much from. As a result of studying the course, I have changed my photos and product descriptions, updated by about page and also changed by website. I would definitely recommend the course, I thought it was great and well worth the money."

Suzie Lomanto
LucyLu Cross Stitch Arts

"The training calls were great - in fact all the interaction with Claire and Polly and the other course members was really beneficial and valuable. The worksheets and resources too. Sometimes it was just fabulous to see that some of the work had been done for you! Since starting the course, I have made lots of changes to my Etsy shop, re-designed my blog, and started new Twitter and Pinterest accounts. I feel that I have tools I need to make real progress now. As a result of studying the course, I think I can now say there is no reason I shouldn't succeed."

Rosemary Cheetham
Rosie and the Boys

"My confidence has increased as a result of taking the Handmade Horizons eCourse, and I'm feeling positive about my business potential. I am really looking forward to doing a bit of PR, which is something I've never considered before. I have also written new product descriptions, a better about me page, built a new website and am trying to be more organised! Most importantly, I feel I have the know-how to drum up more customers and to promote my new products."

Karen Byatt
Handmade For You By Me

"It's been great - exactly what I hoped for. Really enjoyable but also very useful. I have a better idea of my costs and have raised my prices. My website is much better than it was, I have plans/ideas for new products, and have started a mailing list. I'm feeling much more productive and focussed, am really looking forward to tackling my business over the rest of the year!"

Jenny Andrew
Gifts by Jenny

"As a result of taking the course, I have become more proactive with finding stockists and managing my time much better. I also feel much more inspired which has made me more creative I think. Have been much better organized and have a much more business-like attitude that was lacking before. I would definitely recommend Handmade Horizons!"

Debbie James
Ruby James Jewellery

"I would recommend this course without a doubt, the information and format is fab. Money and time wise it is excellent value too. I would also recommend it to small businesses as well as handmade producers as I think it has great value in general."

Ali Camden-Smith
The Little Octopus Gallery

"I remember seeing Handmade Horizons in Mollie Makes and KNOWING it was the course I needed. And it has certainly not disappointed! I have found the resources given to us so amazing. As a result of the course I have started to rebuild my business and sort of start again from scratch. I suppose the biggest thing for me has been the reavaluation of the authentic me and starting to create products that reflect that. The Handmade Horizons eCourse has definitely been a good use of time and money, and I think the true value will keep showing itself in my business for a long time."

Katie Tume
Made by Mother Eagle

"As a result of taking the Handmade Horizons marketing eCourse, I feel 100% positive that I will be able to build my business into something I can be really proud of in 2012. The course content was excellent, particularly the section on product descriptions. I have lots to do but am making changes to my website and things are already picking up."

Karen Davey
Just Bunting

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